The SanSal Difference is in our Pure Whole Plant Hemp Oils and Highest Quality Derivatives. Proven by Continuous Independent Testing.

SanSal is different. We produce pure hemp oils, pesticide residual and solvent free, with high phytocannabinoid, whole plant phytocannabinoids.  We achieve highest potency and purity in the derivative products from our oils.  SanSal ensures highest quality by continuously testing clones and mature plants in our laboratory, using HPLC analysis. Testing all cultivars during growth and at every harvest ensures highest quality control. Every product delivered by SanSal is further tested for quality and consistency by third-party independent Colorado Department of Agriculture certified test laboratories.

The SanSal Mission: Healthy Plants, Healthy People

SanSal was formed to produce pure, superior quality broad spectrum phytocannabinoid – rich hemp yielding high phytocannabinoid hemp oil products which, according to independent research, benefits health, wellness and contributes to the reversal of many chronic and debilitating conditions.

To achieve our goal of providing these beneficial cannabinoid rich oils, SanSal located its farm on high altitude virgin land irrigated by pure Rocky Mountain water, at the foothills of the Colorado Rockies under clear, clean air and the legendary Colorado Sun. Sansal Colorado high cannabinoid hemp makes us Colorado Proud.

 Our philosophy is to practice strict organic protocols for hemp cultivation and the latest technology to assist our sustainable, environmentally sound farming practices to ensure pure; pesticide free; highest quality; consistent products.

Our mission can be described simply as : Healthy Plants, Healthy People.

SanSal is a Family of Dynamic People

Similar to many dynamic companies, at Sansal we believe our most valuable assets are the committed people that contribute to our growth and success.

The core of SanSal is its Farm Team. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate farming experts that nurture our plants with individual care, much like the precious vines in a vineyard. Our Agronomist and Farm Managers work diligently to ensure that protocols and sustainable methods are maintained in order to produce pesticide, pest, and disease free, hemp plants producing high phytocannabinoid plants while meeting the challenge that our hemp must meet strict Colorado certification requirements.

After harvest, our laboratory chemists and extraction technicians produce varieties of high quality, pure hemp derivative oils and  isolates while constantly finding methods to improve processes and  improve our products.

The Executive staff is composed of experienced professionals from diverse fields and hold various degrees. Their backgrounds are in the medical sciences and pharmaceutical industry; business development; finance; business consulting; and agriculture.  A few also bring their experiences of being in the hemp industry from its beginnings, others the discipline and commitment to excellence learned in military service.

At SanSal, everyone is valued and treated as a member of a dynamic family.

Our Goals

Our Goals:

  • Use strict protocols to produce the highest quality pure hemp oils and products
  • Contribute to Health and Wellness by offering this revolutionary benefit
  • Maintain highest standards of sustainable farming
  • Help our customers, our community and our team members thrive.

History and Growth

From our early days when we decided to produce the highest quality hemp and start our farm, through the decisions to commit to only strict protocols; from the first day looking at the high altitude untouched, virgin, land; to the present when we have an efficient, successful grow, we are passionate in our work and convinced more than ever that we made the correct decision.  We have become a proud source for this hemp plant which can help everyone.  However, we are amazed by how fundamentally this plant has helped us.