SanSal Farm and Production: Transparent and Proud.

We are Colorado Proud Hemp Farmers

Fundamentally, we are farmers with strong family values. We started the SanSal phytocannabinoid Farm on high altitude, beautiful virgin land under pure air at the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains in Pueblo, Colorado. We cultivate our hemp similar to how it is done on a quality vineyard, providing individual attention to plants while using drip irrigation to provide precise hydration and  conserve our pure Rocky Mountain water. We are committed to our community, source as much as possible locally and maintain sustainable farming methods, hoping to reduce our impact on the land and mindful that  future generations of farmers will follow us. We are part of the sustainable agricultural revolution; the phytocannabinoid Hemp farm revolution; and joined the Colorado farmers who say they are : “Colorado Proud”

We invite you to visit us. Please call us at (719)387-7858 or email:

Proud of our Colorado Hemp Farm

SanSal is committed to sustainable farming techniques critical to growing high quality, high phytocannabinoid hemp free of  diseases, molds, pest damage, and nutrient deficiencies while achieving high hemp flower yields with high phytocannabinoid.  To achieve this goal we use advanced protocols, including:

  • Proven hemp genetics
  • Optimal soil nutrient levels and preserves soil
  • Drip irrigation for precise hydration, mold control, and conservation of aquifer filter water that is constantly tested.
  • Pest management with biological methods, such as using fungi to eliminate harmful biologicals and ladybugs to control pests

Not just a Farm, Farmers proud of their Crop

We are a dynamic family proud of our work producing high quality, high phytocannabinoid Healthy Plants for Healthy People