Committed to discovering optimum genetics, organic cultivation methods, formulations and products to deliver optimum benefits to our customers.

At SanSal, we believe in perfection and research ways to achieve it. An essential  part of our commitment to organic cultivation is commitment to finding improved sustainable farming  practices. Our no-till farming method allows us to maintain optimal nutrient levels and soil integrity. We constantly research improved methods to nourish and protect our soil with organic ingredients like lavender, aloe, kelp, coconut water, and thyme, never using non-organic fertilizers or soil enhancers.  In this way we produce healthy and nutrient-rich high phytocannabinoid hemp while caring for the future of the farmland.

By continuing to apply our high standards to extraction and formulations as well as researching latest innovations, laboratory research, diligent testing and interpreting data, and best extraction methods, we continue to strive for perfection.

Isolate Crystals : Highest Purity, High Potency

Phytocannabinoid Oils blended with Hemp Seed Oil for formulated products

Seeking perfection, one SanSal goal is purity. Testing proves we have achieved that goal. We research hemp strain genetics and hybrid varieties to produce strains with higher phytocannabinoid content, broader phytocannabinoid spectrums, yielding higher terpenes, flavonoids and other desirable compounds.

Researching efficient extractions, formulation methods and ways to improve bioavailability and perfecting products  – SanSal seeks perfection.